LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn has no entertainment content. This platform was initially conceived as recruiting for personal and commercial professional accounts. The LinkedIn promotion is a powerful marketing tool for the B2B segment. How to promote your business on LinkedIn?

What Do LinkedIn Promotions Include?

As in any network, the base is the correct design of the profile and import contacts from the e-mail address book. Be sure to indicate what you can be helpful to potential buyers in the profile.

Start by keeping a page. Fill it with regularly updated relevant, practical, and expert information. You should develop a detailed content plan for the next few months.

LinkedIn post promotion encourages creating thematic groups, offline events, webinars, and discussions using free tools. Share the company’s life, participate in groups, comment, and experience.

When creating an ad, remember that the policy of imposition is not welcome here, and the audience’s response to the ad may be slow. The principle of retargeting, based on attracting an audience that has already visited your site once, works well if using LinkedIn to promote your business.


Promotion on Linkedin is more effective than on Facebook and Instagram for the B2B segment as 80% of the audience consists of people aged 25-54, including top management and the CEO. Here is a short list of reasons why you should use promote LinkedIn tools:

  • 200 parameters for setting the target audience – up to the position and work experience, which allows you to achieve high conversion;
  • the ability to use SMM tools to grow organic traffic;
  •  massive coverage of the English-speaking audience;
  • more excellent in comparison with other social networks’ loyalty of users to purchase;
  • possibility of direct contact with decision-makers.

In addition, answering how to use LinkedIn to promote your business, don’t forget about a unique InMail feature that allows you to contact the company’s specialists directly, even if you do not have shared contacts. And a separate bonus will be synchronization with many CRM systems and automatic search for leads on search history.

Who Uses LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn paid promotion cost is affordable primarily for IT businesses. It works great in areas with a high average check and an extended customer life cycle – when it can take months from viewing an ad to purchase. Ideal for those who offer:

  • various kinds of training, conferences, and seminars;
  • business services, consulting, and any assistance with a high margin;
  • development and distribution of solutions for process automation.

If your goal is to establish new professional connections or show advertising to people working in a particular company, LinkedIn is your choice.

What Influences The LinkedIn Promotion Cost?

Linkedin promotion will be more expensive than in any other social network. It is due to the specifics of the platform and its audience. Therefore, before starting work, you need to make the most accurate estimate – how much does it cost to promote on LinkedIn?

The price will be affected by everything – the amount and quality of content on your page, the accuracy of the target audience, the ability to build a sales funnel, the demand for the product, presentation, and a clear understanding of the audience needs. Your brand awareness and communication ability will also influence the LinkedIn post promotion cost. 

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