Website Development on OpenCart

In an effort to develop and expand their sphere of influence, many entrepreneurs are thinking about moving to the Internet along with offline activities. Others start building a business online from the very beginning. In most cases, you can’t do without creating a website, whether it’s a simple business card website, a portfolio or an online store. You can, of course, use free templates and try to do everything yourself. But if you want to get a guaranteed quality site, it is better to turn to professionals. 

Our team has 10 years of development experience and has created dozens of OpenCart websites for our clients. We will develop, create and launch your site, if necessary, we will promote it. Below we will consider the features of creating a website on OpenCart, in which cases it is better to choose this particular system, its capabilities and advantages.

Website Development on OpenCart

What is OpenCart and how it differs from others

OpenCart is an open source content management system (CMS). On its basis, you can create various websites, including online stores of primary and secondary levels. To launch a website on OpenCart, the basic set of functions offered by the CMS is enough, but if necessary, the capabilities can be expanded by additional installation of ready-made commercial modules or by creating your own ones.

OpenCart favorably differs from other CMS due to its speed combined with a wide range of tools and functions. The pages of an online store on OpenCart load quickly, which affects the client’s desire to stay and continue interacting with the site. Also, this CMS has low server requirements, so its maintenance is not as expensive as other e-commerce systems.

Key features

Having created an OpenCart online store, you can:

  • manage and configure the catalog, categories and individual product cards, filters, work with reviews, etc.;
  • collect sales statistics, orders placed;
  • work both with individual clients and with entire groups;
  • implement promotional offers and a discount system.

In addition, you will have access to such features as adding a feedback form, an online consultant, etc. You will be able to link your store with the 1C system and CRM systems. OpenCart web support company will be there to provide any required assistance.

Who should develop a website on OpenCart

Due to the availability of a wide range of tools and capabilities, you can create a website on OpenCart to launch an online store of absolutely any direction. This CMS can be used as a launching pad to create a store and learn how to run a successful online business.

If you plan to start with a small or medium number of products, you can safely dwell on OpenCart. And even if you want to expand the range of goods, the resources of this system will be enough for you. Thanks to customization and redistribution of the load on the CMS, you can additionally create an almost unlimited number of new categories and add to them the number of product cards you need with a full description and photos. As for the direction of your business, there are also no restrictions – you can sell anything.

Managing a ready-made online store created on the basis of the OpenCart CMS will not cause you any difficulties, since its administrative panel is absolutely understandable and does not require any special programming knowledge. In case you do need help, excellent OpenCart technical support is available.

4 reasons to choose OpenCart

OpenCart is popular with online store owners for a number of reasons:

  1. A wide range of free features. You can install paid additional modules only if necessary. At the start, the price of an OpenCart-based website will be significantly lower than when using fully paid systems.
  2. A large list of ready-made modules, both free and commercial, that allow you to quickly launch a full-fledged working online store. Here you will find everything: from creating categories and cards, to built-in payment and delivery systems, the ability to generate reports, etc.
  3. Many payment systems are already built into the system. If necessary, you can additionally integrate iPayment, LiqPay and others.
  4. Excellent promotion opportunities. The system provides tools for SEO-optimization of the website.

Other advantages include CMS support by most hosters. And if in the process you need advice or changes, our OpenCart support team is always ready to help.

Who can create, maintain and promote a website

In order for your website to work without failures and attract customers, you should entrust its development to experienced specialists. Working on the website includes many stages and a whole range of tasks that are performed not by one person, but by a team of professional OpenCart web support. To begin with, we conduct a customer survey to determine the essence of the task. Then we draw up the terms of reference for the project, create a marketing and technical plan.

A web designer involved in the design of the site, a layout designer and other specialists are necessarily involved in the work. Filling the website with content, performance testing and eliminating code errors are important development stages. When all the work is completed, the website is hosted and further work is required on its promotion. You can order the whole complex of work on creating an OpenCart-based website and its further maintenance and promotion from us by leaving an application online or by calling. This will save you time and resources to start your online business.