Website Development on CMS WordPress

WordPress is a simple and affordable CMS to maintain. It is used by both large corporations and small, local businesses. We often recommend it and have used it to build hundreds of websites.

This is a universal tool that will help increase sales of your goods and services on the Internet, enter the local, and from the local proceed to the regional or even global market, express yourself, demonstrate your ideas and strengths – these are the requests of people who refer to a WordPress support agency to order the development of a WordPress-based website. What kind of system is this, what projects is it suitable for and what are its pros and cons? We will give a detailed analysis further.

What is WordPress and when should you choose it

WordPress is an open source content management system. According to statistics, about 40% of websites around the world are based on this CMS, which indicates its huge popularity. Creating websites on WordPress is in demand when you need:

  • a promo site;
  • a corporate website;
  • a business card site;
  • a portfolio site;
  • a blog.

You can even create a small online store in WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin, for example. Creating a site on WordPress opens up new opportunities for your business in the global network for affordable money.

Website Development on CMS WordPress

Why you should develop websites on WordPress

Due to the popularity of CMS on the web, there is a large amount of information on configuring and managing the system in the public domain. Finding the answer to almost any question about WordPress is not difficult. But this is not the only advantage of the platform. Other pros include:

  1. Lots of free templates, plugins and other add-ons. The system itself is also free. At the same time, the cost of commercial offers, templates and other things is quite affordable .
  2. Compatibility with almost all servers and hosting. You can start working with the system without installing additional software. Moreover, you can manage your website on this platform from any computer with any OS installed on it.
  3. Easy management and customization of all elements. Even beginners without programming skills can start working on it without referring to WordPress website support services.
  4. The ability to format texts and images, insert links and videos with the help of a simple and intuitive built-in editor.
  5. Lots of agencies and freelancers who can develop WordPress-based websites and provide WordPress website maintenance services.

WordPress is also suitable for creating websites because it will be easy to promote in search networks due to a large number of convenient plugins and good basic SEO optimization. If you get an experienced SEO specialist involved in the project, he can register metadata, create the desired website and page structure and linking, so that you will receive not only a website, but also organic traffic that will bring you sales!

What are the disadvantages that WordPress website owners may face?

Along with the advantages, many users of this CMS point out a number of its disadvantages. Due to the fact that WordPress is very popular all over the world, websites based on it tend to become the most common target for hacking. If a weak spot is found in an online store on WordPress, then in 99% of cases the rest of the sites created on this platform will have the same problem. Hence the main disadvantage – low security. However, no absolutely safe platforms exist today, and the identified weaknesses are eliminated with the release of regular updates. This is where quality WordPress website maintenance is required.

Among other problems that WordPress website owners face are the following:

  • Low compatibility with third-party plugins and themes. It often causes speed backlogs and problems in the security of the website.
  • Problems with building URL pages. There are restrictions regarding building on an individual structure.
  • “Slicing” images to many sizes when uploading (minimum 3). When you set your own options, the number of copies in different sizes increases.
  • Page loading speed. This is an important parameter, therefore, when developing, it is better to refer to a trusted WordPress support company who will guarantee a green zone.

Most of the above mentioned problems can be avoided or corrected in time by proper setup and regular maintenance of the website. Thus, it is highly recommended that WordPress support services are provided by professionals.

How to create a WordPress-based website

Website development on WordPress, as well as on other CMS, is carried out in several stages. To begin with, we get to know your business, find out your idea of ​​​​the future website, discuss what you want to see and suggest how it can be implemented. Not just one person works on each project, but a whole team of experienced WordPress website support specialists: a project marketer, developers, designers, layout designers, who will suggest the best solutions for implementing your idea into a finished project.

Next, we draw up a technical task and coordinate it with you. We fix the deadlines, the cost of a WordPress website and other conditions in the contract.

At the next stage, our team will help you choose a ready-made template that will best fit the tasks or create a design layout based on the analysis of your target audience that reflects your idea. Interface of each page should be intuitive and convenient for visitors, visual and graphic content should be of high quality, text content should be optimized for search engines.

Before launching the finished project, we will definitely test it for possible errors and problem areas and eliminate them. As a result, you will be able to present a fully functional website filled with relevant content to your audience. In the future, we can also provide maintenance and organic promotion of your website so that your business is always at the top and makes profit.

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