Maintenance and Support of Websites on Magento

The Magento website management system is one of the most popular in e-commerce. The popularity of the platform is due to the simplicity of management, which can be easily understood without assistance. At the same time, Magento can only be supported by an experienced specialist. Our company provides Magento website maintenance services for online stores on this platform.

Support and maintenance of Magento websites

There are several options for maintaining Magento-based websites:

  • one-time performance of necessary works;
  • urgent service;
  • monthly Magento website support services according to the individual plan.

Even the most flawless website may face problems over time. The inevitable problems in the operation of online stores may include: slow loading, incorrect display of information, malfunctions. These defects in the work of an online store lead to the loss of customers and reduced sales. Our professional Magento support agency will save you from these troubles.

This service includes a number of activities required to keep the web resource up and running. Specialists must diagnose and remove viruses, search for and eliminate errors in the code. Download speed is also optimized, add-ons, modules and updates are installed, and functional changes are made if necessary.

Support and maintenance of Magento websites

Magento site technical support process

Magento website support is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Receiving a client’s request indicating the problem of the website.
  2. Estimation of the volume of work by our specialists.
  3. Fixing the problem.
  4. Approval of work by the customer.
  5. Upload to the site.

When performing technical work, the specialists of our Magento support company make a backup copy of the web resource, which minimizes periods of possible downtime of the site. After all technical measures have been carried out, the website is tested.

This comprehensive approach to service allows you to solve any problem in the shortest possible time and without having to stop the work of the online store completely.

Benefits of our services for technical support of Magento-based websites 

Ordering Magento support services from our company, you get quality service at the best price. The cost of service for each client is calculated individually based on an agreed set of activities.

We have developed profitable tariff plans for monthly technical support of a website. All types and aspects of work are stated in the contract, which also specifies the deadlines to be strictly observed. Modern search engine optimization requirements are taken into account during maintenance.

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