Website Development on Laravel

Laravel is a PHP Framework or a set of basic components which allows you to create various Internet resources. Since the software is an open source, creating a website on the Laravel framework is available to every user. If you want to develop on the Framework, you should pay attention to Laravel. With its help, you can implement any idea, and in the future, the website can be easily scaled by adding the functions necessary for the business. The specialists of our company will help you to develop a high-quality and functional web resource.

Advantages of a framework over a CMS

Due to its ease of use, large community, outstanding Laravel support services and fairly detailed documentation, Laravel has recently become one of the most popular frameworks. Essentially, Framework defines the structure of a software system. The developer can add the required functions for each individual project to the existing template structure. Based on this, website development on Laravel has its own advantages and peculiar features:

  1. Flexibility combined with high performance. Even if a conceived online store is complex or unusual, the performance of such an online resource will definitely be higher than that of the simplest one, but created on the basis of a CMS. This became possible due to the fact that the architecture was initially built taking into account all the required functions.
  2. Scaling. The site created on Laravel can be improved endlessly and without causing any problems to the project. The owner of the resource only needs to set the task for developers to write new functionality. After changes are implemented, nothing will “suddenly” fail or start working worse. Creating a site on the Laravel framework is beneficial regarding that all components of the Internet resource belong to the owner, so they can be improved and “rearranged”. Laravel website support is always there to provide any kind of assistance with it.
  3. Time and investment. If we talk about CMS, in this case you are separated from the finished web resource only by setting and customization. For the framework to become an active online store, the developer will need more time. Since Laravel assumes only unique features, the initial investment will be more than with CMS. In order for everything to work consistently well, you need to perform thorough testing, which also involves considerable costs.

To ensure that you get what you want in the end, it is better to order a Laravel website from an agency with extensive experience. Our specialists can offer ready-made solutions for standard tasks of a simple web resource. If the code is used several times, the cost of the service is significantly reduced. However, developers create unique features from scratch, which will require more time and money.

Website Development on Laravel

Framework or CMS based development – which to choose?

The choice of the platform will depend on the set technical task. The following statements explain the expediency of dwelling on either of the options:

  1. Simple platforms can be used to fill the needs of a small online marketplace store. For example, the owner of a small online store should give preference to systems like OpenCart. At the same time, it is recommended not to make many changes immediately after creation. The implementation of this recommendation is the key to the correct and stable operation of the project in the future. During the launch process, you should constantly collect information about the effectiveness of a particular tool that is used on the site, for its subsequent analysis. It is desirable to carry out further improvements only taking into account the results of marketing research, and then test innovations again.
  2. A beginner in entrepreneurial activity should take into account the fact that the Internet resource will have to be improved over time. After a certain number of changes, the best solution is to create a new product.
  3. Development of a web resource based on the Framework requires a lot of time and large financial investments. It often implies the involvement of a Laravel support agency. In the case of CMS, everything will be faster and cheaper.

It can be concluded that the creation of a website based on the Framework is advisable if the capabilities of the CMS have already been exhausted, which hinders the further development of the project and the increase in sales.

When Should You Use Laravel?

Since Laravel is a system building tool that offers the user and developers a lot of opportunities and a high entry threshold, alongside with excellent Laravel php support, it is advisable to use it for complex and / or heavily loaded projects of any direction, as well as for automating business processes. Laravel-based development should be combined with a high level of production culture (for example, the use of repositories, Continuous Integration), including system administration and Laravel support. Otherwise, it is advisable to give preference to ready-made CMS systems. Examples of popular CMS: Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, etc.

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