Website Development on Magento

Magento is a universal content management system (CMS) which allows you to quickly and easily create various web resources. It is especially popular for online stores. The main advantage is an improved and supplemented set of functions, unlike other existing systems. Most companies can afford to create a website on Magento, since there is both a paid and a free version. The difference lies in the set of functions and capabilities. At the same time, the free version solves most of the urgent tasks of a potential buyer. You can improve the system by writing unique modules or using ready-made ones that were created by other programmers (they can be paid or free). Moreover, high-level Magento support services are available to all clients.

Our team has been developing websites based on CMS Magento for more than 7 years, and we can say with confidence that it has proven itself well. Proof of this are dozens of satisfied customers who have received a stable website on a reliable platform that has been working for years and needs minimal support.

Website Development on Magento

What is a good online store?

It is important not only to create an online store, but to make this web resource an effective tool for developing your own business. Here are a few key indicators of a good online store:

  1. Navigation. Web developers assemble the semantic core so that ordinary users can intuitively understand how to choose and pay for goods, place an order, etc. A competent structure allows a potential client to quickly find the right thing, easily place an order and make a payment. There should be enough features, but not too many, so that any user, even with not very fast internet and an old PC, can make a purchase. Magento support agency should be able to assist you in creating such navigation.
  2. Design. The stylish and original look of the pages is the visiting card of the web resource, which creates the first impression. At the same time, the website should not look like a picture, the design should not distract the potential buyer from the goods. In practice, it has been proven that thoughtful design increases sales.
  3. Layout and programming. A good website is not only a competent combination of graphic and textual information on a web browser page. It is impossible to create an ideal web resource right away. Changes to CSS and HTML code are always required. Thus, it is vitally important to perform site layout in order to eliminate even the smallest errors and inaccuracies and to improve functionality. You can refer to Magento support company for assistance in this aspect.
  4. High quality and interesting stuff. When creating an online store, it is important to take a responsible approach to writing text information. Texts should help the buyer find and choose the right product. It is not enough to just list the prices. A brief description and illustrations will attract the attention of the client, arouse interest in the product and confidence in the seller. It is also recommended to indicate technical characteristics, properties, peculiarities of the choice for each product, you can also provide information about the brand.

It is advisable to provide a section on the website with useful articles, which will tell visitors about the purpose and features of the use of specific groups of goods. To do this, it should be possible to create separate text pages. This possibility is provided to everyone who chooses to develop an online store on Magento.

Magento Features and Opportunities

Magento-based website development provides the following benefits:

  • many useful features available already in the basic version: several languages, different currencies, etc.;
  • the ability to create multiple web resources and manage them;
  • simple setup of administrator rights;
  • excellent Magento website maintenance services available.

Entrepreneurs decide to create an online store on Magento due to the following platform features:

  • simple management of the contents of the catalog: product groups, each product separately, filters for quick search, queries in the search bar, product ratings;
  • in fact, there is automated sales management system, the collection of statistical data on orders placed, sales made and goods delivered;
  • management of both individual users and user groups with the appointment of different prices;
  • the ability to create custom, additional pages and simple content management;
  • setting up profitable offers both for each product individually and for product groups.

An important advantage of the platform is the lack of focus on any specific type of sales. The system is suitable for businesses of different directions. Thanks to the optimization for popular search engines, a Magento-based online store will be in the first positions in the search results. Any extension modules can be found in the Magento Collect directory. Magento website support services can be provided at any point.

Why choose Magento?

Сompared to other similar e-commerce platforms, Magento is equipped with a large set of useful features. At the same time, it is very demanding on server resources. In addition, maintenance of this platform can only be performed by experienced and highly qualified programmers. This is where Magento website support will be needed.

If you are planning to create an atypical online store with a large set of functions and nomenclature, you should order the site to be developed on Magento. The platform is used by many well-known companies, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, BurgerKing and others.

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