SEO Analysis of the Niche and Competitors, Why It Is Important for Business

Before you invest in promoting your business on the Internet, you need to get answers to a number of important questions. Learn how competitors operate and what methods they use. It is important to understand the potential of the niche that the business owner plans to occupy in the network. The efficiency of investments and the success of the undertaking as a whole depend on this. Niche analysis for the website should be ordered before the start of SEO-promotion of the resource. In this case you will be able to concentrate efforts and financial resources in the right direction and achieve the desired result. After all, when starting promotion, it is necessary to rationally allocate the budget that will be needed for creating content, acquiring external links, contextual advertising, paying for the work of programmers, and so on. By analyzing competitors, you can develop a strategy that will lead to success and long-awaited profits. The global goal of this service is to implement a project that will not only be the same level as that of competitors, but even be better than theirs.

What questions will a professional niche analysis of a website answer?

  • Potential volume of the niche. It is important to understand this in order to calculate what volumes of traffic and profits you can count on when starting (developing) a business in this niche.
  • What methods of website promotion are used by those who have already taken a certain place in the analyzed area of ​​business activity.
  • What budget will be needed, as well as the time frames, to reach the results of the nearest competitors, and then surpass them.
  • Identify the weaknesses of competitors, as well as the features due to which they managed to achieve results.

There are two types of this analysis. First, specialists study an already existing project from the point of view of a competitive environment. The second is to analyze a new niche that the client is going to master. In the first case, the purpose of the analysis is to evaluate the project and form a strategy for further promotion in order to increase traffic and profit. The analysis of a new niche, first of all, gives an answer to the question if the idea of ​​creating and developing a business in this niche is worth the time and effort.

SEO Analysis of the Niche and Competitors

The main stages of niche analysis for the website:

  • Collection of the semantic core for the website.
  • Studying the main competitors. The method is to focus on those projects that have shown significant growth and profitability over the past 12 months. Analysis of their promotion methods and other parameters – semantics, external links, internal and external optimization, structure, and other aspects.
  • Analysis of special features of competitors. With this information, you can create your own techniques that will help in further advancement.
  • Drawing up a report based on the information received.
  • Based on the data obtained, the client’s project is evaluated in terms of opportunities for further development, the feasibility of investing in the chosen niche.
  • Drawing up a strategy for further development.

The cost of niche analysis for the website by LuxSite specialists depends on the amount of work to be done. We also advise you to consider packages of services for integrated SEO-promotion of websites.