Professional video production & services in Kyiv: how creative thinking works for your business

Online video content is a universal tool for Internet promotion, building an audience, informing customers and other tips necessary for development. Video hosting and social networks have long ceased to be just entertainment content. 

Turnkey video strategy, production and marketing services

We are ready to prove that an original video marketing created by professionals can sell, attract, and lead to success! If you still do not use this promotion tool, then our video production services are what you need for an effective start. You should not saturate your sites with amateur videos that are created spontaneously. To get the maximum result, you require an experienced video content maker with a portfolio of successful cases.

How to create a YouTube video

  • how to upload videos on YouTube
  • how to earn money on YouTube

It is not difficult to start video production near me and upload it to your channel, isn’t it? The biggest mistake is to avoid professional help in production of video. Kyiv is the creative capital of Ukraine, and many agencies are vying for clients who require unique video content. LuxSite successfully competes in this market with a portfolio of moneymaking projects to create unique film content.

To create and post a short film on this platform, special programs are used – in particular, Bolide Movie Creator. When uploading a clip, you must comply with the technical requirements: maximum size, duration, resolution, and so on. The process of posting from a practical point of view is simple. The basis of success is a creative idea that meets the goals. 

Our video production company will present a number of creative ideas that will help you achieve your goal and monetize your film, recouping the service costs of creativity experts, cameramen, editors. Monetization is a complex process which also requires creative ingenuity. In fact, it is the insertion of paid advertising in the posted videos. Channel owners can use the AdSense Hosting Affiliate Program or MCN, YouTube’s Multi-Channel Affiliate Program.

Advantages of professional video production 

Creative video production is an artistic process, but it requires a systematic approach. If you are looking for production of video, please contact us, and we will follow the process:

  1. Business and goals analysis for a social media video creator;
  2. Concept and plan development, as well as a marketing strategy;
  3. Concept set up, in the most accessible form for the customer;
  4. Presentation to discuss additional ideas of the content maker and make necessary changes;
  5. Pre-production, filming, post-production;
  6. Video upload to the channel after approval by the customer;
  7. Promotion guarantee within the deadline of approved strategy.

How to create a video on TikTok

  • how to upload videos on TikTok
  • how to earn money from TikTok

Do not underestimate TikTok and think that this is a platform exclusively for creative youth and bloggers to express themselves. TikTok can and should be used for effective business promotion and advertising. 

It is a very effective tool for sales of consumer goods and services. The peculiarity of this social network dictates the rules: TikTok clips should be short, dynamic, creative. To register a film that will be included in recommendations, you need to start with developing a concept, choosing a genre. It can be a critique, review, recommendation, expert advice (opinion) and so on. 

To reach top ranking, the video should follow the rules, track trends, hashtags, and more. If you do not want to miss anything important, we recommend contacting professionals to develop a concept and marketing strategy. For editing, you can use the built-in programs, not forgetting about filters and masks. It’s easy to upload a clip in a few clicks, or even shoot a film directly online.

Portfolio. Our creative video production

Firstly, we practice an integrated approach: from developing a concept and content plan, to uploading a finished clip and tracking statistics and monetization.

Secondly, our portfolio includes dozens of successfully implemented creative graphic projects of various sizes: from commercials to videos for series, TV shows and music videos.