Work With Opinion Leaders On Social Networks

Almost every industry today has its influencers, or in other words, opinion leaders. Thousands and, in some cases, millions of followers have signed and considered them. Due to key opinion leaders marketing, you can easily promote goods and services, persuade subscribers to buy a particular product, follow the link, subscribe to the advertised account, etc. Let’s consider what to look for when working with opinion leaders.

What Is Opinion Leaders Marketing

Who do we call an opinion leader? To be an influencer, a person must meet two main criteria: 

  1. have a large audience;
  2. the audience must be active.

How can a future opinion leader gather such an audience? Initially, you need to create and post high-quality content on selected social networks and promote it. Then people watch videos, read blog articles, and listen to podcasts. If a person likes the content, he subscribes and continues to monitor the account. This is how the audience is earned. At the same time, its number is quite relative. The concept of a “large audience” depends on the niche where the influencer operates. 5-10 thousand will be enough for one sphere, while another may need more than a million subscribers. To understand whether you should use opinion leader marketing on Instagram, you should evaluate whether you can convey information about the product to more people. If not, it is quite possible to think about cooperation.

An essential point of opinion leader marketing definition is the blogger’s audience should not consist only of “dead souls.” If the number of subscribers is enormous, but they are passive, it speaks more of fake popularity. True opinion leaders can influence their audiences and motivate them to take action.

What Are Opinion Leaders?

There are two classification options: type of activity and audience size.

Depending on the type of activity, you can find influencers among journalists, celebrities, niche experts, analysts, and personal brands. 

According to the number of subscribers, they are: 

  • macro-influencers – real stars in their niche who have the largest audience; 
  • middle influencers – those who are less famous but still have authority;
  • micro-influencers – people with a relatively small audience.

Of course, for fast promotion, everyone would like to order advertising from macro-influencers. Still, it is not so easy to attract their attention, and the cost of advertising for marketing opinion leaders with an audience of millions is much higher. 

How To Choose Which Opinion Leaders To Work With

Paying for a marketing opinion leader is a great way to promote yourself if you use them properly. It requires that the blogger’s TA be potentially your audience – subscribers should be at least interested in your products, then among them will be your future buyers.

At the start of the business, it will not be the best decision to buy advertising from bloggers in macro-influencers. Of course, they have the largest audience, but you can spend too much time and resources just to get his attention in practice.

And you should make sure that you are dealing with the leader of opinions, not a blogger with rigged subscriptions. Check the ratio of the number of subscribers with likes, comments, and reposts. Follow the blogger for a week or two. You will immediately understand whether this blogger “suits you” or not.

Where To Find Opinion Leaders?

You can find opinion leaders in marketing in Google search by asking: “top bloggers” or “top opinion leaders” + “niche you need.” You can also search on platforms and marketplaces, conferences, and direct social networks by keywords. 

Advantages Of Opinion Leaders

The main advantage of an opinion leader for an advertising customer is that the target audience is already gathered, and you do not need to spend time to earn a certain number of subscribers. You only find out how much advertising costs in Ukraine, order it and enjoy the result.

Why Should A Business Cooperate With An Influencer?

Working with a marketing opinion leader allows a business to gain the trust of its customers. People are more likely to buy a product that they learn from a person they trust. 

Call us, and we will show you the prices for advertising for bloggers in Ukraine and with whom you should cooperate to promote your business as effectively as possible.