SERM: Online Reputation Management 

SERM service, search engine reputation management, is a crucial business development component. It is appropriate when investing in brand development or launching a new product. It is also relevant for a damaged reputation. If you manage your online reputation properly, you can improve your brand status.

What Is SERM?

SERM is a set of actions to form a positive image of an individual or brand (brand) on the Internet.

Our specialists help people and companies form positive search results for the correct queries. We know how to displace custom negative messages and false feedback from competitors.

SERM: Online Reputation Management 

Who Needs An Online Reputation Management Service?

Online reputation management is required for all business people and public figures to build a positive reputation and visibility. According to opinion polls, more than half of customers decide to buy a product or order a service based on reviews. At the same time, 75% of potential customers stop at the first page of the search. Thus, if such a buyer encounters negative reviews, the likelihood of purchasing a product or service is significantly reduced.

You should order reputation management in search engines to create a more favorable environment. The service will be helpful to companies that want to gain high customer loyalty and to public figures who position themselves as a brand. 

What Does SERM Contain?

Brand reputation management involves an integrated approach. The project is implemented in stages to establish good communication with potential customers and a successful image. Search engine reputation management services include:

  • Comprehensive reputation check on the Internet. The study examines all publications, reviews, and other previously published information by users of Internet sites.
  • Search results check. Available information is collected on key network requests. Experts monitor mentions to track how the brand is treated online. A loyalty chart is created, determining the percentage of user attitude to the brand. If there is a predominance of negativity, a plan is developed to create more loyal visibility.
  • Search results management. Negative articles and reviews posted on the same resources and other media are being supplanted.
  • Monitoring of the negativity. To maintain a good reputation, responding to negative feedback on time is essential. Answer these messages correctly to increase brand confidence.

SERM Tasks

The SEO SERM service is aimed at solving several tasks at once. First of all, search results eliminate the consequences of unfavorable publications of competitors or ill-wishers. The amount of positive information about the brand is also increasing. As a result of the SERM service, a positive image of an individual product or service is formed. Thus, such acts attract new customers and employees and increase the loyalty of existing partners. 

Stages Of SERM Implementation

When you order SERM search engine reputation management, our staff will do the following:

  • Collect and evaluate already posted content about you or the brand on the Internet.
  • Create an action plan to eliminate the negative.
  • Publish new positive and high-quality texts on suitable sites and optimize already posted content.
  • Push out negative reviews of the top positions in the search.
  • Post good articles on popular resources with a good reputation.
  • Make a list of recommendations on maintaining and enhancing the brand status on the Internet.

A progress report and interim results are provided each month.

Benefits Of Reputation Management For Business 

If you need good search result reputation management SERM, you should order it from our company. As a result of the joint work of specialists, the audience’s trust in the brand increases. We correctly level the negative, making your company even more reliable in the eyes of potential customers. 

If you decide to order SERM, you can count on constant monitoring of the reaction to any messages about the brand.

People order our reputation management assistance in Kyiv to increase brand awareness. We achieve this by working correctly with the negative and posting friendly reviews on social media sites.

One of our goals in customer service is to expand communication channels. We find good PR sites that will be interesting to the target audience.

The price for SERM is set individually with each client as it depends on the complexity and volume of work.