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Our advantages

100% work quality guarantee

Consistent professionalism. Over 1000 successfully implemented projects since 2010.

Accuracy and transparency

Strict compliance with deadlines and scope of work within the project with detailed reporting.

Own team of specialists

The team consists of 30+ experts in all digital specializations with 3+ years of experience. In total, we have been in the profession for over 200 years.

International experience in different niches

The company cooperates with businesses in 20+ different niches from the USA, Canada, Australia, Ukraine. 

Reasons to choose LuxSite:
Natalia Vlasenko

Founder of the company “Zoodom Begemot”

At some point, we realized that we had stopped in development and began to stagnate. And attempts to move from it were futile. Advertising did not work, although it was quite diverse. LuxSite’s honesty bribed me a lot. They do what they say. In six months, we have almost doubled our profits.

Sergey Neshchenko

CEO Lux Okna

I was not satisfied with the cooperation with a large number of companies. I wanted to get a full range of services in one place. From creating a site to bringing it to the TOP-3 in Kyiv. We didn’t have time to experiment. The guys gave a guarantee that we would be in the TOP and fulfilled it. We have been in the TOP of Google for 10 years. I recommend Luxsite!

Taras Chervak

Founder of the translation agency “Legalab”

We have been cooperating for almost a year now. We are satisfied. The company works conscientiously and responsibly. They listen carefully and thoroughly to requests and needs, provide professional advice. Special thanks to Olga for her super client-oriented approach: she is in touch almost 24/7/365, prompt, worries about the project as much as we do, and sometimes more. 🙏 Respect! Way to go! 😎👌

We have helped more than 450 customers

What tasks does PPC solve

Sale of goods

Quickly increases the number of sales by attracting targeted customers to the advertised products. It is the best tool for marketplaces and online stores.

Sale of services

Assists in finding customers in the right region. PPC is a powerful solution for service companies. Promotion of services and search for potential customers will ensure clear geotargeting settings.

Advertising for raising the image

Increases brand awareness and popularity. The tool is effective for maintaining a positive image of the company and increasing customer loyalty of any type of business.

Customer returns

Increases the productivity of advertising campaigns. The return of customers who have not made an order after going to the site is achieved through remarketing and retargeting.

Get a detailed customer acquisition plan for your business in just 1 day.

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Our approach

Accurate targeting settings and constant monitoring of performance will quickly provide you with a flow of client orders.


Filling out the brief

Briefly describe the desired goals and objectives of your project. This will help our team find the most optimal tools for you.


Strategy Development

Based on your goals, we will draw up a step-by-step strategy for promoting and developing your project.

You will receive a detailed estimate of advertising campaigns.


Preparing for the ad launch

Our team will set up detailed analytics, design and approve with you graphic and text materials for advertising campaigns.


The launch stage

We will launch all agreed advertising campaigns, according to the developed and approved plan.



The project team will constantly monitor and analyze the results of your campaigns and will quickly make adjustments if necessary.


Analysis of current objectives

Once a week, we will analyze the effectiveness of campaigns over the past period and determine the current tasks for the next week.


Project development

We regularly optimize running advertising campaigns and make recommendations for scaling them to ensure continuous development and achievement of the desired results.

List of services

Luxsite implements for you all types of campaigns of any complexity in the Google Ads advertising system.

Search advertising

Attracts conversion traffic to your website, provides an influx of a “warm” target audience that has already shaped a demand for your product.

Commercial advertising

Ads that are displayed to the user in search results and contain photos of products with a description of key features. This type of advertising demonstrates excellent efficiency for e-commerce projects.

Banner advertising

A tool that provides high reach and allows you to display banners with your product or offer on various platforms. A great way to boost brand awareness.

Video advertising

Showcasing your videos on video hosting platforms, such as YouTube. At a relatively low cost, it gives excellent results and helps to increase product awareness.


Show ads to users who have already interacted with your ad or visited the site, but did not complete the targeted action. It makes it possible to return the target audience to the website or stimulate repeat orders.

App advertising

Increases the number of app installs, targeted actions or registrations in the app.

We guarantee
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Launching and the first result in 24 hours

TOP-4 in Google search results

Target audience only!

Payment for the result

Transparent and understandable analytics




  • for small businesses, mainly service industries
  • task: generate leads from the site
  • ad types: search advertising standard remarketing



  • for small, medium, and large businesses in the service sector and E-commerce
  • task: to increase brand awareness and recognition; draw attention to the product
  • ad types: media advertising in the GDN video advertising



  • for small and medium businesses, services and E-commerce
  • task: lead generation and/or online sales
  • ad types: search advertising Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing (standard and/or dynamic) product advertising



  • for medium and large businesses, E-commerce
  • tasks: we work at all stages of the sales funnel, from brand awareness to repeat orders
  • ad types: search advertising Google Display Network (GDN) product advertising standard and dynamic remarketing video advertising discovery max performance local advertising app advertising e-commerce module setup
All cases

Amgoodsupply.com: Development and SEO for an online store of furniture for restaurants, US region

Development and SEO for an online store of furniture for restaurants, US region

Best People Movers: Organic promotion for a website of used vehicles

Organic promotion for a website of used vehicles

Baikal mechanical: Website development and SEO promotion of the manufacturer of HVAC systems for the US region

Website development and SEO promotion of the manufacturer of HVAC systems for the US region

Center doors: development and promotion of the online store for the sale and installation of doors

Development and promotion of the online store for the sale and installation of doors

Liniavikon: SEO for the business of sale and installation plastic windows, doors, balconies

SEO for the business of sale and installation plastic windows, doors, balconies

Diademagrand: developing an online jewelry store, creating natural traffic, converting site’s visitors into buyers

Developing an online jewelry store, creating natural traffic, converting site’s visitors into buyers

Lovehairstyles: Generating Organic Traffic for a Beauty Salon in Canada

Generating Organic Traffic for a Beauty Salon in Canada

THK: development website and SEO services for sale special vehicles

Development website and SEO services for sale special vehicles

What is contextual advertising and how it works for business

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective types of promotion of goods and services not only in search networks, but also on YouTube and partner sites. The advantage of such advertising for business is targeted appeal to those users who are interested in your product. But many online store owners may complain that the budgets spent on such advertising are not justified, there is no growth in traffic and sales. It’s simple: if you want to order contextual advertising, contact only professionals who can confirm their qualifications with a large volume of successful campaigns. Otherwise, the budget will really be wasted, and there will be no result.

What you get by cooperating in this area with LuxSite:

  • Within a moderate budget and in a short time, you will attract a significant number of new users to the site who are interested in a specific action — a purchase.
  • Chance to quickly reach the top of search engine results.
  • Campaign quick start — ads start showing after they are created (updated), the user still has some time for moderation. This is an effective tool for launching and promoting sites from scratch or projects in a broken state.
  • The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and, if necessary, quickly change the settings to achieve even better results.
  • Understanding what the budget is spent on, how contextual advertising works in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.
  • The ability to use this tool even in the absence of a site.

Google Contextual Advertising — types and оpportunities

  1. Contextual search advertising. Such ads are right on target, as they are shown in response to a user’s search query.
  2. Banner advertising (contextual media type of advertising). The advantage is in scale, since banners with a brand and a product offer are displayed on a huge number of sites. At the same time, there are a lot of ways to “catch” your audience (various targeting options).
  3. Remarketing is a type of contextual advertising that makes it possible to attract a user who has already visited the site.
  4. YouTube ads are video ads that are customized by topic, audience interests, placements, demographics, and keywords on the world’s most popular video hosting site.
  5. Advertising in mobile applications through iOS and Android. Advertisements are displayed on mobile devices where applications are installed, appear in search results, and are shown on social networks when visited from a mobile gadget.
  6. Google shopping. Google Shopping is a service created to search for products in online stores and compare price offers.

Contextual advertising with LuxSite: strategy

If you decided to order contextual advertising, keep in mind that for its successful implementation it is necessary to act strategically, according to the plan:

  1. Analysis of competitors. This is important as their activities can directly impact the performance of PPC campaigns.
  2. Development of a strategy with the client. Discussion and approval of the financial component — the budget, as well as the timing of the campaign and expected results.
  3. Creation and launch of a campaign.
  4. Campaign control, performance evaluation, if necessary, adjustments.

If your enquery is “contextual advertising Kyiv price”, then you will find the best deals in LuxSite. There is a loyalty system for new customers, all new customers have the opportunity to use bonuses (UAH 10,000 to an advertising account). Packages of services are available, according to which contextual advertising will be used for projects of various sizes, types and complexity.

Why you should order contextual advertising in LuxSite

Our team has experience in the effective use of all available tools, thanks to which contextual advertising will provide the following benefits:

  1. Get to the top of Google search results quickly.
  2. Attracting the target audience interested in goods and services.
  3. Low CPA (Cost Per Action, the cost of the target action), CPL (Cost Per Lead, that is, the user’s contact details that can later be used for commercial purposes) and CPO (Cost Per Order, the cost of a placed order).
  4. A high Click Through Rate (CTR) is the click through rate of an ad or banner, as well as CR is a conversion rate.
  5. Campaign transparency — the client gets access to statistics and information about the costs of the advertising budget.
  6. Using international experience, because LuxSite implements projects not only in Ukraine, but also in the USA, Canada, Poland, Australia.
  7. Working with a Google Certified Partner.


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What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is the display of textual ads, product offers, video ads, and banner ads in search engines, social networks, video hosting services, mobile applications, and various web resources. Ads are shown to users based on their search queries, interests, and other settings of targeting.

How much does contextual advertising cost?

The accurate budget for contextual advertising depends on:

  • the selected key queries;
  • competitiveness of such queries;
  • the chosen rate for clicking on your site;
  • the location of the advertisement;
  • time of advertising displaying;
  • targeting features.

How does contextual advertising work?

Ads are displayed to users based on the settings they choose: specific keywords and set bid per click. Contextual advertising works as an auction between campaigns that are launched with the same queries. The number of users your ad will be shown to will be affected by your bid for site clicks, as well as the quality of the web page to which the developed campaign leads.

How much will contextual advertising of the site cost — what determines the price?

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of campaigns. This is the topic (niche) and the level of competition in it. Geographic Targeting — Advertising in major cities will always be more expensive as the number of ad slots is limited. The use of commercial keywords — “order”, “buy”, etc. Also affects the time of the ad, and other factors.

Which companies can effectively use contextual advertising?

Google contextual advertising can be customized for any type of business, for any advertising purposes: brand awareness, product familiarity, lead generation, product sales. There is also a test period from 1 to 3 months, showing whether this advertisement is suitable for promoting goods or services, what type of advertising settings satisfies the request of a particular business.

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