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Instagram has gradually become a tool for making money from the entertainment social network. The account can develop progressively on its own, but when it comes to profit – it will take something more than just posting cute selfies and dozens of similar photos. Promo on Instagram will require your time, effort, new knowledge, and, if you wish, financial investment. Let’s understand what is what. 

What Is The Essence Of Promoting An Insta account?

To start a real Instagram promotion, you must transfer your account to a business profile. You can use a particular function in the menu, providing a link to your company’s business page on Facebook. Next, select the name and avatar, and fill in the profile header. Take responsibility for this process, as this information can attract or repel the user in the first few seconds. You can promote your Instagram account using free tricks:

  • publish interesting, high-quality content;
  • use hashtags and geotags – this will help increase coverage;
  • create exciting and memorable masks;
  • post videos on TikTok with an offer to watch them on Instagram;
  • offer gifts in exchange for a subscription or repost, hold competitions;
  • negotiate with other accounts for mutual advertising and shared broadcasts;
  • use all the possibilities of stories;
  • mention your account in different networks, and comment on publications.

Give up the idea of ​​quickly gaining a couple of hundred subscribers. It no longer works for effective and cheap Instagram promotion.

You can promote your account effectively by using targeted advertising. For this, you need to start a Facebook advertising cabinet. It will be a paid Instagram promotion service, but you can achieve a good result with a small budget. Set up ads directly from the Instagram app, which is very convenient but not always acceptable due to the reduced features. This option of launching advertising is ideal for small business owners with a small advertising budget and online sales through Instagram. However, this method does not work for serious businesses with a corporate website and a broad audience.


Whether your company has a website or a Facebook page or not, it’s worth starting an Instagram business profile. Here are some reasons for this:

  • convenient viewing of statistics for each publication and simplified configuration of advertising in comparison with FB;
  • increase brand loyalty by involving the audience in the life of the company;
  • an additional source of leads (potential customers);
  • acceptable replacement of the site for the first time;
  • opportunity to open an online store;
  • great platform for sales;
  • increase in seasonal sales.

You can do the page yourself or, if your budget allows, entrust this task to a professional SMM manager from the best Instagram promotion service.

What Business Should Deal With An Instagram Promotion Agency

Take this variant if you have an online store selling clothes, cosmetics, and handicrafts or if you provide any services – the ideal platform for selling tutorials, training, master classes, and promotion of a personal blog. Pizzeria, craft products, exclusive gifts – there are almost no restrictions for an Instagram promotion customer service.

What Affects The Price

First and foremost, of course, the size of your advertising budget means a lot. But you can start with a daily budget of $5. If you decide to use the blogger’s help, the price will depend on the number of subscribers and advertising in the blogger’s account and his requests, too.

If you have set a course for the target – study your target audience. The more precisely you adjust it, the less money you will spend on the best Instagram promotion services. Experiment with settings, learn to create bright posts, and if you need help – contact us.

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