Technical support for OpenCart websites

The OpenCart platform is quite fast, but at the same time it does not require large resources and is designed to create a professional online store. OpenCart allows you to develop an effective project at low cost. Despite the fact that the software is SEO-oriented, has a high level of security, it needs to be constantly checked for functionality. OpenCart technical support should be carried out by competent and experienced specialists. Our company provides maintenance services for any Internet resources on favorable terms.

Technical support for sites on OpenCart

Support for OpenCart-based websites will solve the following tasks:

  1. Troubleshooting issues that often occur during upgrades. Often, during the CMS update process, one of the plugins may fail because it does not support the new version. This problem can be quickly and successfully solved by a specialist.
  2. Simplification of the order form. An employee of our company will install a convenient plug-in and make the necessary improvements.
  3. Deleting duplicate pages. If the same section of a web resource is available at different addresses, it becomes difficult to promote it. Our specialist will set up extensions that will fix this problem.
  4. General improvements of an OpenCart online store of any complexity, from creating new pages and sections to integration with third-party systems (CRM, ERP, call-tracking, etc.).

Thus, technical support for CMS OpenCart will increase the performance of the online resource and reduce the load on hosting. Competent actions of our OpenCart web support company will allow you to maintain the results obtained and to provide all the needs of the project. The price of the service depends on the number of activities. At the same time, the budget can be adapted to the solution of primary tasks.

Technical support for OpenCart websites

What does OpenCart website maintenance include?

OpenCart website support is both an improvement in functionality and work on the informational component. Information support means:

  • placement of quality materials;
  • development of SEO parameters;
  • loading product catalogs;
  • adding graphics, etc.

When working with functionality, a specialist corrects navigation, refines existing and creates new filters, adds and/or removes blocks. OpenCart web support includes activities aimed at the fast speed of the Internet resource and other changes necessary to improve the quality of the web resource.

Competent support of an OpenCart-based website is to ensure the continuous operation of the online resource 24/7 due to the timely removal of viruses and monitoring of download indicators.

Benefits of ordering website support on OpenCart

Professional OpenCart support is necessary for new online stores and Internet resources that need updating. Ordering a service from our company, you get:

  • secure data storage;
  • a noticeable increase in sales;
  • fast detection and elimination of errors.

If technical support is carried out by non-professionals, there is a risk of facing problems such as inefficiency at high costs. In addition, you can directly harm the Internet resource, for example, damage the code.

Tunkey support and maintenance of an OpenCart website 

Turnkey support of an OpenCart website is a profitable and convenient service that can be ordered from our company. As a result of competent work of experienced specialists, conversion will increase, and the number of repeat sales will also go up. Our expert will fill the pages with high-quality content, if necessary, develop unique modules for a specific store. Technical support can be provided on demand or on an ongoing basis.

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