SEO at the Website Development Stage: How It Works

An important quality of a far-sighted businessman is to use the starting opportunities and investments to the maximum. In order for the web resource to be immediately optimized for the requirements of search engines and not incur further costs and waste time, we recommend using SEO at the project development stage. This is a mandatory initial step when creating a website. LuxSite specialists will prepare the terms of reference for the implementation of SEO, collect semantics and develop the website structure. The process consists of several important steps. Its goal is to create a website that will not attract additional financial investments, significant improvements and alterations in the future.

SEO at the Website Development Stage

Why you need SEO at the stage of website development:

  • To make sure that the resource is initially suitable for a high-quality and quick start of promotion on the Internet. There will be no need to detect errors, spend time and money on their elimination.
  • Organics will start bringing traffic faster, since at the stage of development, all the points that are important to achieve such a result will be taken into account .
  • Cost optimization, budget savings for the creation and promotion of the project. There will be no need for additional expenses to refine and deal with bugs.
  • To save not only efforts and finances, but also time. Thanks to this approach, you will get an efficiently working resource in the shortest possible time.

Stages of creating a technical task for SEO when developing a website

  1. Marketing research is a detailed study of the niche and features of the business for which the website is being created, the study of competitors in order to avoid possible strategic mistakes.
  2. Collecting semantics and designing the resource structure, page blocks. In order to avoid critical alterations in the future and achieve great success in its promotion.
  3. Development of technical specifications – terms of reference for the implementation of SEO at the stage of creating a website. This will include: development and approval of projects for website pages, elements, technical specifications for content, verification of technical implementation and code. And much more.
  4. Implementation of technical specifications for SEO and verification. We connect a SEO specialist and a project manager who will control the implementation of the project. The final result is a website that search engines will love.

SEO at the website development stage ensures more guaranteed appearance in the top of search engine results within the stipulated time, a functional and profitable website that does not require additional funding for the implementation of edits from a SEO specialist. With SEO being introduced at the development stage, you get the most out of your budget and time.

The price for SEO-development of a website depends on the complexity of the project, on the niche of the business for which it is created. LuxSite offers such a service and the cost is negotiated on an individual basis.

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