Farba Service: SMM promotion of multi-brand construction showrooms in Ukraine


Project: https://farbaservice.com.ua/

Topic: Construction and repair

Region: Ukraine

Platfroms: Facebook, Instagram

Promotion period: January 2021 — February 2022

What the client asked: The Farba Service network of multi-brand showrooms offers household and professional paint and paint materials, and painting tools, including for industrial facilities. These are paint and varnish materials, painting tools, and related products from top European and Ukrainian manufacturers: Tikkurila,

Tikkurila Coatings, Kolorit, Viva Color, Farbmann, Sadolin, Pinotex, Hammerite, 3M, Anza, Caparol, Sikkens, Akzo Nobel. 

The client came with a request to build a strategy for the positioning of the company in social networks and staying ahead of competitors. 

Solution: To implement the given task, we propose to focus on the technical characteristics of the materials presented in the store. 

✅ Creating a page that tells about the store’s wide assortment.
✅ Increasing brand recognition and attracting new target subscribers.
✅ Increasing organic reach and interaction with publications.
✅ Increasing traffic to the site.

✅ Development of SMM strategy.
✅ Creation of visual and textual content that would reveal the essence of the project.
✅ Launching targeted advertising (main goals — coverage and traffic to the site).
✅ Communication with users (working with negative feedback, prompt response to comments, and direct messages).

✅ Developed and implemented SMM strategy.
✅ Developed a unified style of filling the profile with content.
✅ Developed and implemented systematicity in publications.
✅ Developed the ToV of the brand.
✅ Created a visual concept taking into account the promotion goals (brand recognition, detuning from competitors)


Color Studio Tikkurila


The network of Farba Service multi-brand showrooms is aimed at foremen and masters who buy materials for large objects. Usually, they purchase painted materials in large volumes and in maximum packaging, and a complete set of tools for each of the repair stages.

Therefore, our goal was to show the advantages of the entire assortment. You could buy paint and immediately tone it — we reported on this through social networks. There were solutions for roof, facade, wood, and metal paints, and we also informed the audience about it. Finding masking tape is not a problem. Are you looking for pallets? We have everything.

Farba Service is about convenience, speed, professional advice, and online ordering. 

Tone-of-voice was decided to be professional, but not too dry. Publications aimed at specialists in the construction industry. 

For promotion on social networks, we chose targeted advertising as the main tool. The main advertising tasks were the following:

  • Increasing publication engagement.
  • Expanding target audience coverage.
  • Attracting additional traffic to the website.


We share the results we achieved for 14 months of cooperation:

✅ Coverage — 3 966 005 people.✅ Total engagement rate (likes, comments, reposts) — 66 842.
✅ Increase in followers — 12 106 people.
✅ Price per click — 0.85$.

Promoting construction themes requires absolute immersion in this topic. We had to find unique properties of each product to sell it profitably. Product comparisons were a daily task as we constantly looked for ways to creatively present an ordinary simple paint tin or putty knife that you can also find in other stores. 

Our goal was to build an ideology of quality repairs. It was important not just to sell a tool or paint, but to leave the aftertaste of a great purchase. The client felt that he was not mistaken and that the paint or brush would help him in his work. 

It seems we managed and are proud of the results. Do you have the same business? We will be happy to help promote it! 

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