SMM Case on the Tarot Reading Free Project


What the client asked: The client requested to increase organic traffic to the site through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest social networks



A comprehensive promotion was implemented to achieve the objectives, including using marketing tools like SMM&Targeting and PPC. In this case, we will look closer at the results of maintaining pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest social networks and conducting complex advertising.



✅ Create pages that can tell about the convenience of the service.
✅ Increase brand awareness and attract new targeted subscribers.
✅ Increase organic coverage and interaction with publications in general.



✅ Development of SMM strategy.
✅ Creation of visual and text content that reveals the essence of the project.
✅ Launch of targeted advertising (the main goals are coverage and traffic to the site).
✅ Communication with users (work with a negative, prompt response to comments and direct messages).


Developed a post-design scheme. Since illustrations are essential for Instagram, they had to be in the same style and stand out among other pages of similar services.
✅ Made regular publications on Instagram.
✅ We developed original posts that showed professionalism in the Tarot field. There was a list of questions people most often ask Tarot readers in the comments. We analyzed them, received responses from a specialist feed, edited them to fit the post format, and published them according to the content plan. This format allowed us to get more likes, reposts, and saves from the audience organically.
✅ We developed permanent sections that became the flagships of organic promotion.
✅ We selected thematic hashtags about Tarot to reach a target audience.


Tarot reading free

One of the project tasks was to create visual and textual content that would reveal the essence of the project, which is why, when developing the visual content of the page, we concentrated on the elements that Tarot readers use in their activities — cards, runes, and other accessories. This contributed to the development of a unified style in publications and stories.

Stories corresponded to the page grid:

After analyzing competitors’ accounts, we determined the target audience segments, drew up a portrait of a potential client for our customer, and successfully launched the target. It was decided to launch targeting with test advertising campaigns to attract the audience and advertising campaigns with traffic to the site.

We share the results we achieved:

✅ +1025 followers on Facebook for $0.45.
✅ Site traffic — 564 clicks for $0.37. 
✅ Increased coverage on both pages.

✅ Increased traffic on both pages.

✅ Increased the number of likes on both pages.

✅ Completed the profile for visiting the desired country — the USA (India prevailed at the beginning of cooperation).

✅ Increased activity on the Pinterest social network page.

✅ Increased activity on the Twitter social network page.


People on social media don't tend to trust what they can't feel or try. They don't trust = they don't buy. Therefore, to build a brand and attract new subscribers, we worked with the best specialists in the field of Tarot. This step made it possible to create beneficial, relevant, and exciting content on social networks and the website.

Most of the work was aimed at the visual design of the Instagram page. We developed rubrics by which we segmented visitors and could track their needs. Based on this knowledge, we moved on and offered subscribers the opportunity to use the site's services by choosing specific layouts.

The whole complex of these works gave excellent indicators of organic visits to the site, which still grow. Therefore, if you develop a similar service, contact us!

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