Legalab SMM promotion of a translation agency



Topic: Professional translations of documents

Region: Ukraine

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Promotion period: September 2022 — January 2023

What the client asked: The client came with a request to increase the awareness of potential clients on social networks about his company, to increase the number of orders for services on Facebook and Instagram.

Solution: To achieve this goal, we focused on creating content that would tell that translations of documents are easy and fast.

✅ Increasing the number of applications for services.
✅ Increasing brand awareness.

✅ Development of SMM strategy.
✅ Attracting the target audience to Facebook and Instagram pages.
✅ Standing out from the competition.
✅ Creation of high-quality commercial content.
✅ Communication with users (working with negative feedback, prompt response to comments, and direct messages).

✅ Developed and implemented SMM strategy.
✅ Developed a unified style of filling the profile with content.
✅ Developed and implemented systematicity in publications.
✅ Developed the ToV of the brand.
✅ Created a visual concept taking into account promotion goals (brand recognition, detuning from competitors).




To achieve the goals, we developed a strategy that included the most comprehensive information about the company’s services. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to get ideas from. The company has 19 services that are diverse and most useful for those seeking document translation.

Constant communication with the company’s managers ensured maximum immersion of the team in the project and allowed us to develop a unique material presentation. On the page, we showed all aspects of ordering translations, why this service is useful, how to use it, and who needs it.  

We implemented a rubricator with the following directions: about the service, interesting facts about the world’s popular languages​, and how to order a translation. Thus, with one content plan, we could reach a large audience — those who are new to our page and others who know what they are looking for.

Based on the results of organic promotion, we found that publications with interactive activities and interesting facts about translation work better. Therefore, it was decided to stick to this publication plan and promote it in the future.


Using the organic promotion method, we managed to increase the number of visitors to the Instagram profile to 1,000 people.


Difficult topics to promote are always a challenge. Can we offer something new to the brand? How will subscribers react to our promotion? Should we start the campaign? When we participate in work of such accounts, we know that complex cases can be interesting. Leave a request — we’ll discuss the details!

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