Krisstel: SMM promotion of an online women’s clothing store in Ukraine



Topic: Women’s Clothing

Region: Ukraine

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Promotion period: September 2019 — February 2020

What the client asked: The client came with a request to increase the awareness of potential customers in social networks about the new collections and seasonal offers of the company, to increase the number of sales from Facebook and Instagram social networks, to carry out work on expanding the brand’s audience.

Solution: We focused on bright and relevant photo and video content to implement the given task. Also, all work was focused on targeted advertising. The idea was to use ads in a circular gallery and slide show format. We decided to adjust the targeting for each clothing category separately. In the future, it was decided to launch introductory videos with the brand to increase recognition and engagement in publications on the pages.

✅ Attracting the target audience to pages on Facebook and Instagram social networks.
✅ Increasing the number of sales from the site.
✅ Increasing brand recognition.
✅ Lead generation.

✅ Development of SMM strategy.
✅ Creation of visual and textual content that would reveal the essence of the project.
✅ Launching targeted advertising (main goals — coverage, traffic to the site, sales on the site).
✅ Quality communication with users.

✅ Developed and implemented SMM strategy.
✅ We created a visual concept considering the promotion goals (brand recognition, detuning from competitors).
✅ Configured and launched targeted advertising with creative visual content.


Color Studio Tikkurila


To achieve the set goals, we developed a strategy that included as much versatile information about the product as possible to move away from stereotypes that women’s business clothes are uncomfortable and expensive.

We implemented a rubric that had the following directions: our clients, about goods (clothing), promotions, special offers, offline stores (video), and the Krisstel company. Thus, with one content plan, we could cover the entire TA — those waiting for a discount and those on our page for the first time.

We filmed the product with the company’s content maker every month. This ensured the availability of new and relevant content. Thus, our customers were the first to see all updates to the assortment. 

We worked on the company’s reputation by creating a column with real reviews. Users found that ordinary people and business ladies buy our products, corresponding to the quality we discuss.

Publications, where we showed the product’s journey from a sketch to a finished model, had great coverage.

Based on the results of the launch of advertising campaigns, it was found that campaigns for brand awareness, traffic to the site, conversions on the site, and involvement in publications of the business page work best


We share the results we achieved for 5 months of cooperation:
✅ Advertising reach was 375,920.
✅ Total engagement rate (likes, comments, reposts) — 55,699.
✅ Price per click — $0.18.
✅ Purchases on the website — 67.
✅ The average purchase price on the website is $13.52.
✅ Increase in followers — 442.

As for the Pinterest network, in 4 months of cooperation, we reached the following results:
✅ Views — 383,378.
✅ The total audience was 344,500.


The case's success largely depended on an adequately created promotion strategy. The main focus was content, professional photos, and video shooting with a full-time photographer for pages on social networks. The dynamic shooting of the product received good feedback from potential buyers. We created such a visual, which in all its aspects attracts to purchase and, most importantly, shows potential customers that these clothes will suit them.
If you know what kind of online business you want to open, plan to create an online store, launch an advertising company, and need help figuring out where to start, write to us! We will analyze potential markets and competitors and help launch the project from scratch to the start of sales!

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