Shtudio: SMM promotion of a web development studio in Australia



Topic: Web development, digital marketing, and graphic design

Region: Sydney, Australia

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Promotion period: November 2022 — and now

What the client asked: The client came with a request to increase the visibility of the studio in order to attract new clients from social networks.

Solution: To implement the task, we focused on the company’s services, which made it possible to significantly increase the audience engagement rate.

✅ Attracting the target audience to the pages.
✅ Increasing brand recognition.

✅ Development of an effective SMM strategy to attract TA.
✅ Creation of visual and textual content that would stay on top of the competition.

✅ Conducted brainstorms with the client for a clear understanding of desires and goals.
✅ Developed and implemented SMM strategy.
✅ Developed the ToV of the brand.
✅ Developed a unified style of filling the profile with content.
✅ Developed and implemented systematicity in publications and stories.
✅ Added storytelling and increased reach and sales.
✅ Developed a structure for REELS to promote without advertising, but through recommendations. 




Shtudio is a multidisciplinary web development and graphic design studio based in Sydney, Australia. The company creates logos and develops websites, business stationery, flyers, and exhibition banners.

Knowing the characteristics of the company, we focused on its strengths. Pages on social networks are adapted in such a way that users receive useful information about services in doses. They can follow life hacks and try to do something on their own, for example, drawing a logo. 

We have a developed communication system through Reels — we talk about new products in the world of web design and show practical examples of how to visualize and create something on your own.

We create Reels so that it is not just a tool for popularizing Shtudio services, but also an opportunity to show their core values. We set the task of not only selling but also inspiring and teaching. That’s why in every Reels video we reveal the secrets of web design, talk about trends in the industry, and offer useful tips.

Our Reels strategy is aimed at attracting audiences and establishing long-term relationships with clients.

✅ The organic reach of the profile — 21,803.

✅ Organic increase in followers — 385 people.

Organic content reach through the REELS strategy:


Promoting a web development studio is a professional challenge for the average SMM specialist. You need to always be at the peak of cases and have a fairly good understanding of a broad topic. For almost a year of cooperation, we have managed to successfully combine the professional qualities of the studio and creative global trends. We don’t hesitate to make humorous posts on sensitive topics in an easy-to-read form, support interest in artificial intelligence, and test new Adobe features.

The motto of our cooperation is to share interesting, live, and always relevant information. We will do the same for you! Leave a request on our website, and we will definitely discuss your project.

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