Crystal Group: SMM promotion of a car delivery company from the USA



Topic: Purchase and delivery of turnkey cars from the Copart auction

Region: Chornomorsk

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Promotion period: November 2020 — December 2020

What the client asked: In November 2020, a client who was engaged in the delivery of cars from the USA and Georgia contacted us. The main advantage was the guarantee of delivery of vehicles within 6-9 weeks from the date of order and the ability to receive the car already repaired if the request was made to Georgia. 

By the time cooperation began, the client had pages on social networks and a website. The LuxSite team was tasked with generating quality leads.
There was a lot of work ahead, and we created a team for the project.

Solution: The company offered the opportunity to receive cars as quickly as possible, giving them a great advantage over competitors. In this regard, it was decided to develop a promotion strategy considering this unique offer. After detailed discussions of the project with the client, brainstorming, and determining the desired result, we stopped at the following promotion channels and methods: social networks, targeted advertising, landing page development, and quizzes.

✅ Filling and developing pages in such a way that they show the company’s advantages.
✅ Increasing brand awareness and attracting new targeted subscribers.
✅ Increasing the number of subscribers on pages.
✅ Active coverage of the company’s activities in the Ukrainian market.
✅ Lead generation.

✅ To rebrand the company.
✅ Develop a landing page and quizzes.
✅ Develop an SMM strategy.
✅ Create visual and text content.
✅ Communicate with users (working with negative feedback, prompt response to comments, and direct messages).

✅ Analysis of the target audience.
✅ Developed and implemented an SMM strategy.
✅ Updated the logo and developed an identity.
✅ Developed a unified style for filling your profile with content.
✅ Developed and implemented systematicity in publications.
✅ Developed the ToV of the brand.
✅ Launching advertising campaigns to attract the target audience.
✅ Boosted brand awareness through advertising publications and Instagram Stories.
✅ Introduced the collection of contact information of potential clients on social networks


Crystal Group

Since our team faced rebranding, we began to develop a logo in the form we could use for placement on the company’s pages. The primary color of the company and logo were taken as a basis. These elements were the starting point and determined the future appearance of the profile header on the Facebook network and in templates for the Instagram network (posts + stories). Here’s what we got:

Facebook page:

At the same time, our team worked on preparing detailed technical specifications for creating a landing page and carried out copywriting to fill future pages.

The expectations for the landing page structure were the following:

  • A header that contained a detailed description of the company activity.
  • The application form includes a name, phone number, and a Consultation button.
  • Assortment section with cars available for order. 
  • Order section with a guide on how you can order a car.
  • A selection of the company’s advantages.
  • Calculator where you can calculate the cost of a vehicle.
  • FAQ section.
  • Reviews.
  • Feedback block with active buttons to leave a request.
  • Footer. 

The entire landing page design had to be created depending on the company’s color scheme and social media templates.
After we received a complete visualization for social networks, active content began. Since the landing page development was supposed to take some time, we decided to increase awareness using social networks. It was also agreed to develop a quiz.

This was easy but challenging because time was minimal, and the client wanted the maximum result from the 1st month of cooperation. The quiz was developed on the WordPress platform, which made it possible to make changes to the site from the admin panel. Here is what the finished quiz looks like:

As for social networks, they looked like this:

During the month of advertising campaigns, we received 202 applications through a quiz and 22 leads. The total coverage was 93,553, and traffic to the quiz was 4,028 people.

We paid particular attention to advertising banners. They were developed for individual targeting audiences and tested. Both photos and videos were used in the visuals.

Examples of advertising banners:

As for social networks, within 2 weeks of using new page templates, we increased engagement from 16 views to 368 per day. We also received 7 requests to calculate the cost of a car from the USA. 

Training the algorithms to obtain the most targeted lead takes time. Since we had limited time, we could only track the audience’s behavior and reaction to the creatives. But even these results are important to us.

Finally, we developed visual content for the page that was quickly perceived by the audience and had a high-quality response from subscribers.

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