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We provide technical support services for websites on WordPress, Opencart, Magenta 1, Magenta 2, Laravel

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Why Do You Need Technical Support?

Website operational support

Many sites contain developers’ error codes, which negatively affect the speed and quality of their work. In addition, sites can be hacked from the outside, and administrators or content managers can disrupt their stable operation. We will help restore the site and maintain it in a working condition.

Website functionality changes

Even super-modern sites need constant improvements, changes, and extended functionality so that the business keeps up with market changes and is preferred by users. We will help implement new functionality into sites of any complexity, from simple one-page landing pages to Internet portals

Update of CMS, modules, plugins, installation of new solutions

For the correct and stable website operation built on CMS, it is necessary to update the CMS and the modules and plugins used in the project. Our qualified specialists will help to do the critical updates without compromising the functionality of the entire site.

Transfer to new hosting, domain connection, and SSL certificate

Improper transfer or connection of the domain can lead to the complete inoperability of the site, and the SSL certificate has long been a mandatory requirement of Google. We will help to carry out all the necessary work correctly.

We Work Worldwide

We support sites for the markets of the USA, Canada, Australia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

We analyze, plan, approve with you, and do

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How We Work


Requirements gathering and site audit

Before starting the site development, it is necessary to understand its current status and determine what works will need to be done soon. To do this, we conduct a full technical audit of the site and discuss with you the list of tasks and the order of their implementation.


Determining the number of hours that we book for you every month

We evaluate the list of tasks, taking into account the technical condition of the site, together with you to determine how many hours we can allocate to your project each month. This way, you can calculate the monthly funding needed to work on the site. We can change the number of hours at your initiative.


We form a technical support team

Taking into account the technical condition of the site and the tasks performed on the project, we formed a team. It may include a project manager, a designer, front-end and back-end developers, and a tester.


Monthly reporting

At the end of each reporting period (usually at the end of the month), the project manager prepares a detailed report on the time spent on each task and a detailed description of what exactly was done


Cost of front-end and back-end developer hourly

UAH 750

The price for the tester’s working hour

UAH 400

The cost of a project manager’s working hour

20% of the total hours spent by developers and testers

The cost of a designer’s working hour

UAH 900

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Frequent Questions

Why do you need a site audit?

Almost every site has individual solutions created by its developer. Often, these solutions partly meet or don’t correspond to the CMS architecture and ideology or the site’s framework. Our specialists thoroughly examine the site during the audit to determine the technical problems, bugs, and security holes. The result of such an audit is a detailed report sent to you for review.

Is auditing necessary before starting work on the site?

It is not necessary but highly recommended. After auditing, our specialists will understand what they have to work with, estimate the price for the work, and do these works more qualitatively.

What will happen to unspent hours per month?

Nothing, we will simply transfer them to the next month.

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