Targeted Advertising On Social Networks


Advertising continues to be the main engine of commerce. Moreover, it evolves, changes, and becomes multifaceted. Aggressive and hidden, banner, contextual, television, and street advertising – choose any.

Since we spend a lot of free time on social networks, it is not surprising that advertising snuck in there. Let’s discuss a targeted advertising service, why we need ads, and how to use it.

Target Advertising Agencies. What, How, And Why?

Target means “goal.” First, you must determine your target audience, so your ad is shown only to potential buyers. Targeted advertising Google offers you to divide the audience:

  • interests – sports, hobbies, music, and so on;
  • demographic characteristics – men/women, age, marital status;
  • geography – you can select the country, the whole city, or a specific address and the radius around it;
  • similarity – the program can choose people similar to those who have already interacted with you.

Create and configure Facebook target advertising in your business manager’s advertising account (Facebook Ads Manager). There are many criteria for selecting the target audience. Combining them, you can achieve optimal Facebook targeted advertising costs.

Who Needs Targeted Advertising Services?

Instagram targeting works great for a business that involves a short customer life cycle – that is, it takes a little time from the intention to buy to the purchase. Google target advertising is also suitable for companies with a long cycle, but the customer should be periodically “warmed-up,” helping not to lose interest in your product.

Targeted advertising companies are helpful for businesses without a website and with a relatively low average check. It is suitable for any business. The main thing is the settings’ accuracy, and the marketer’s ability to create catchy Facebook and Instagram targeted ads.

Although FB and Insta are closely related, there are differences in advertising formats and costs.

Advertising Agency For Target On Facebook

Many companies have a valid account on FB, which is convenient for B2B and B2C. Its advantages include:

  • support mobile and desktop versions;
  • ability to write full-fledged texts with strong titles;
  •  choose any length of the video;
  • ability to insert active links;
  • possibility to register for the event.

Facebook has a broad range of features and a slightly different audience than you should use. Ads Manager tools allow you to increase the number of subscribers to the page, expand the coverage of the publication and audience engagement, increase site conversion, and attract additional traffic. Lido generation, brand advertising, data collection for mailings, and registration for the event are growing daily. The cost of targeted advertising on Facebook depends on your industry, campaign objective, and many other factors. 

Instagram Target Advertising

On target Instagram marketing, everything is based on the speed of perception. The focus is on vertical images, with no titles but many advantages. Stories work great for any target advertising company – creating polls and interactive ads are convenient. In addition, stories occupy the screen, and the user’s attention is not distracted. Instagram ads are set up through Facebook Ads Manager or directly in the application, but with reduced features.

Benefits Of Google Targeted Advertising 

Compared to contextual advertising, the target works with a colder audience. Still, there are tools to reach a warmer audience: retargeting – to attract people who have already visited the site, look-a-like – an audience as similar as possible to those who have already done purchases from you, advertising on the loaded customer base. Here are some more benefits that the target advertising agency offers:

  • lower cost-per-click;
  • accurate setting towards the target audience;
  • fast learning of the algorithm;
  • the ability to track the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and make adjustments;
  • a variety of formats and an endless field for experiments.

How much do targeted Instagram ads cost? There is no clear answer on Facebook and Instagram targeted ad cost. Much depends on the chosen audience, product, and experience of the marketer. But it can be launched even with a minimal initial budget.