Draws And Giveaways


Many people like to participate in prize draws and receive something as a gift. Recently, there have been Instagram draws called Giveaway. Consider the Giveaway Instagram phenomenon in terms of promotion on social networks. 

What Is Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook

Giveaway or shortly Give is a kind of lottery, a draw when you can get a prize. With the help of Giveaways on Instagram, you can significantly expand your audience and increase coverage. This format of promotion is used by ordinary bloggers and some brands and stores. According to research by Informs Pubs Online, people value the opportunity to get a product or service for free much more than buying it at a considerable discount. For this reason, the distribution of product samples, product tastings, and various prize draws are organized. 

Instagram Giveaway rules cover a variety of prizes – cosmetic kits, gadgets, travel, branded items, jewelry, and constantly rising bets. More costly prizes are met – the latest iPhones, cars, apartments, and large appliances. According to the Instagram contest rules, the participant must meet several conditions to receive the prize. A random number generator determines the winner.

Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Giveaways on Instagram are:

  • classic – organizers from the outside buy advertising from a blogger who announces the conditions of participation, a list of sponsors, announce the winners;
  • thematic – all sponsors and participants of the Instagram contest are united by one theme;
  • circular – conducted by bloggers with a similar TA;
  • bloggers – organized by bloggers themselves, they are also called personal;
  • celebrities – the Instagram contest ideas belong to stars or bloggers-millionaires;
  • expert marathons – experts here are sponsors, often united by similar Giveaway ideas Instagram. 

How To Organize Give On Instagram And Facebook

To run a Giveaway Instagram post, you need to create a separate post indicating which prize the winner will receive, what he needs to do, and when the summing up will take place. This is the basis of the competition publication. In addition, you can briefly describe the announced prize, the way to determine the winner, and how he will win. If it is a specific product and not a sum of money, it is crucial to indicate the region of residence of the participants who will be able to receive a gift. If you offer several prizes or have many requirements for participation in the give, it is best to create a separate page with detailed rules.

Then spread the information about the draw as much as possible, and conduct an advertising campaign. All participants are assigned a unique number and are summed up using a random number generator on the appointed date. The winner is then checked for compliance with all conditions and is awarded a prize. 

Advantages Of Instagram And Facebook Giveaway For Business 

Giveaway with the presentation of your products or services as a prize is an opportunity to significantly increase the number of subscribers and potential customers and show them the product’s benefits. 

Gives: Pros And Cons

Other benefits that Give provides are the low cost of one subscriber, receiving a large number of subscriptions in a short time, and increasing activity in your account. 

However, there are significant disadvantages. The audience that follows your Giveaway Facebook post is people who are not interested in your products. Therefore, after the end of the draw, half of them unsubscribe, spoiling your statistics. To avoid sanctions from Instagram, it is essential to target the newly subscribed audience after the end of the Give. So you can interest them and encourage them to stay.

You can try to keep subscribers with new draws or continue to participate in other Gives, but this will only help smooth out the statistics without affecting the quality of the audience and the desire to buy something from you.

When using Giveaways as a promotion, you need to be very careful and competent in their organization.