Product Advertising


Having decided to advertise your products, you will probably wonder what kind of advertising is the most effective today. If we are talking about the Internet, then one of the most effective in Google Ads for this case is Google shopping advertising. We will explain further what kind of advertising it is, what advantages it has over other advertising campaigns and what opportunities it provides.

What is product advertising

Google shopping ad is a form of advertising that retailers can use to advertise their products. You can promote products that are sold in an online or offline store. Also, with the help of shopping campaigns, you can attract users to the site and visitors to the office, and find prospective customers. An advertisement consists of a high–quality image of the proposed product, the name of the product and its description, the name of the store where you can buy it, its price and delivery information. Such advertising is designed for people who will be interested in this particular product.

Google Shopping Product Ads

Advertising on Google shopping is suitable for retailing goods in online stores. Users are shown a feed with products relevant to their request, which can be sorted using filters by price and other parameters. Afterwards, customers can go to the advertiser’s website to complete the purchase.

The effectiveness of shopping campaigns of this format is always at a high level due to the following features:

  • about 90% of users who saw the advertisement click on the ad and go to the seller’s website;
  • after reviewing the price and photo of the product, over 80% of buyers are ready to place an order;
  • more than 70% of users add a product to the cart, and more than 75% look at the product card before that;
  • each user has the opportunity to get acquainted with information about the brand, while about 70% of them continue to collect information about the brand through the search engine.

Standard Shopping Campaign

To set up a standard type of product advertising, keywords are not used, all product data is taken from the product feed in the Google Merchant Center account. Using the attributes specified in the feed, the system automatically generates ads in the form of product cards. Google algorithms determine the requests according to which ads are shown to users, based on the information specified in the product feed and in the site content.

Smart Shopping Campaign

Smart product advertising is configured on the basis of the standard one, based on the received conversion data. The secret of its effectiveness is machine learning. Moreover, its advantages include placing an advertisement simultaneously in search results, display network, Gmail and YouTube. In this case, you do not have to create separate ads for each placement channel, they will be adapted automatically.

Free placement of product information on different Google platforms

According to the rules of the Google system, you can post information about your products for free on different Google platforms:

  • – “Purchases” tab;
  • – advanced search results;
  • – images with the mark “Product” in the search results;
  • – a list of products under the video that are shown in it.

The Google system does not charge for placing ads and for their inclusion in the Google Search index. However, there is no guarantee that your products will be shown on the platforms if you do not develop your campaign to advertise on Google shopping correctly. To increase the chances of promotion in free services, you need to fill in information about your products as accurately and efficiently as possible. The more closely the descriptions match user requests, the more likely it is that your ad will be shown in the search.

Benefits of using product advertising for business

On the search results page, blocks with Google Ads shopping are in priority positions: at the top of the page horizontally or on the right side – vertically. This allows advertising to reach a large number of people. Another undoubted advantage is the acceptable cost to advertise Google shopping, which is lower than the price of search advertising.

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