Analytics and Optimization


In order for an advertising campaign on the Internet to be successful, you should first analyze the demand, target audience, and business of competitors. Then the advertising specialist collects the semantic core, selects keywords that cover as many search queries as possible. In response to them, users will see ads that suit them. However, even if you make every effort to set up and launch an advertising campaign at the start, you may not get the desired result in the long run. Many factors influence the effectiveness, which is why the analytics in advertising on the Internet is so important, as well as Google ads optimization.

Why do you need analytics advertising?

It is important to optimize Google Ads search campaigns both at the stage of advertising testing and during its operation. Some elements may stop working, sometimes there may be drops in conversions, and in some cases you may even face losses. Contextual advertisement analytics allows PPC specialists to respond to negative trends timely, track weaknesses and perform more accurate setup.

To increase the profitability of an advertising campaign, we analyze the effectiveness of various metrics, experiment, and competently manage rates. We take statistics on our clients’ projects in Google Ads and Google Analytics for various indicators, analyze it, draw conclusions and, based on them, decide what to do next. This way we can immediately see when targeting is not working as it should, and we can implement necessary corrections, as well as identify the strengths of advertising, relying on which allows us to scale it and improve results. Therefore, we study reports on the work of an advertising campaign according to the following parameters:

  • traffic sources;
  • type of advertising campaign;
  • keywords;
  • types of devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs);
  • demographic criteria;
  • interests of the target audience;
  • geography;
  • schedule of shows;
  • places of screenings;
  • options for extensions and ads.

What is Google adwords optimization?

After analyzing all the advertising performance indicators, the contextual advertising specialist performs Google ad optimization – adjusts bids, removes ads that did not show effectiveness, disables applications and sites that have not justified themselves as platforms for posting messages, and also takes necessary actions to improve existing results. During the adjustment, the PPC specialist can add new objects or adjust targeting to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

At the same time, adwords optimization should be carried out not only on the basis of an analysis of reports from the advertising account, but also based on the assessment of financial results: increase in sales and profits, number of customers visiting the website, etc.

Goals and stages of advertising optimization

When you decide to optimize Google ads campaign, you should bear in mind its main goal, which can be formulated as follows: performing a series of actions and settings in order to increase profits and reduce advertising costs. We perform optimization in several stages:

  • advertisement analytics in terms of statistical data to determine where the drawdown occurred;
  • revealing the reasons and elements which cause the decrease of efficiency;
  • implementing necessary corrections;
  • redistributing traffic;
  • determining the strengths of the launched advertising and scaling it.

Due to the conduct of an advertising campaign by our PPC specialist, you will receive a steady increase in the number of buyers, calls and other results at a favorable cost. To order advertising optimization services, call us or fill out a brief. We will study it and contact you in no time.