Design Of Pages, Posts, And Stories


Even before reading your posts and learning more about your business, all new users pay attention to your Instagram stories design and page as a whole. We’ll talk about how to properly design your page to attract a potential audience at first sight.

Why Eye-Catching Instagram Design Is Important

Depending on the design of your Instagram posts, the person who visited the page wants or doesn’t want to subscribe and buy your product or order services. Thanks to the visual component, you will be able to highlight your account or even a specific product among competitors in your segment.

Facebook And Instagram Story Design

Starting business accounts on social networks includes creating a memorable nickname, filling in the profile header block, choosing a color scheme, fonts for captions in pictures and stories, etc. All posts, stories, and highlights must be decorated in a single style. This page harmony attracts subscribers and does not irritate them. At the same time, when choosing a design style, take into account your audience’s opinion. Of course, you will not please everyone, but it is still worth focusing on the majority’s opinion. You can periodically experiment with design options while tracking the interaction statistics with the account – whether your experiments find a response from subscribers. 

Unique Account Style

To stand out among the dozens and hundreds of similar accounts in your niche, you need to develop your unique style:

  • identify the strengths of your business and how you stand out from the crowd;
  • think about visual Instagram story designs, posts, and Highlights;
  • select fonts and color palette. It is perfect if you have branded colors.

Competent Profile Description: Link, Emoji, And Hashtags

In the description (header) of the profile, you can place USP, and specify the link to your site and contacts. Use emoji in the description to make the text more readable and minimize it, as the size is limited to 180 characters. Maybe you have a branded hashtag. You can also specify it in the description or another hashtag popular among your audience.

Registration Of Posts

As the Ukrainian Instagram received several updates at the beginning of the summer, we recommend that you take them into account to design Instagram stories and posts under the new realities.

If the Instagram line looked like a photo + text of the post before the updates, now it is more like Tik-Tok: the user sees only the picture and the topic of the post, and to read the text, he needs to click on three dots in the lower-left corner. Due to these updates, texts will be read much less often, so your main task is to develop an intriguing title for the reader to encourage to click on three dots and read the description. It should be:

  • short, as the text will be expanded against the background of your photo;
  • with emoji where appropriate;
  • supplemented by hashtags.

To avoid losing coverage, it is better to warn your subscribers about the changes and tell them how to interact with your page.

Design Instagram Story

Excellent and professional designs for Instagram stories are fundamental. Think of your unique design that will be associated with your page. Pay attention to the angle of the photo or video, the manner of communication with subscribers, fonts, colors (it is better to use branded), and other elements (frames, stickers, etc.). Also, keep in mind that the updates have affected the story, users will see 3-5 stories, so you need to try to fit the main message into these videos. The user will need to “expand” the page by clicking “Show All” to view more stories.

Stories Highlights

Ordinary stories disappear after 24 hours. You can add the desired story to “Highlights” to save them. Designing for Instagram stories Highlights should also be harmonious. This will help make the information content of the profile more interesting.

What To Post In Stories

In the story design Instagram, you can talk about the company, and its activities, show a fragment of the workflow, talk about new products, and upcoming promotions, announce raffles, etc. This tool is very convenient for surveys, quick sales, and analysis of your audience’s interests. In stories, it is possible to fix the range with the description and the prices to place clients’ responses. 

If you have just created a business account and want to design it from scratch, or need to work on the style of an already created page, contact us. Together we will change your Instagram stories graphic design, and content and polish your Instagram page that will attract subscribers again and again.

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