Creating And Maintaining Instagram And Facebook Business Pages


To succeed in online business, it is essential to find and use all possible methods, channels, and platforms for the promotion. In this regard, the service of creating and maintaining a business page in Facebook and other social networks is in demand. More people will learn about your company and become your customers through your Facebook page business account.

Setting Up A Business Account On Social Networks

A business page Facebook or other social media is a page that has a unique, thoughtful design and a specific set of tools. With its help, you will be able to:

  • understand your target audience better;
  • increase brand coverage and recognition;
  • communicate with your audience, receive feedback from them;
  • increase the number of visits to your site;
  • to form a positive image.

Creating a business Facebook page is recommended if you already have a personal profile on these social networks. Let’s consider the process of starting a Facebook page for business in more detail.

Business Facebook Page Creation And Setting

For a quick starting Facebook page for business, open the “Pages” section (  in your account and click the “Create Page” button. Enter a company name – it should be clear and straightforward. Choose the category that best suits your company and add a brief description that describes its activities. The next step in Facebook business page creator will be to specify the organization’s address and phone number. We recommend that you provide a physical address only when it is advantageous to your customers, for example, if you are starting Facebook page for business in the restaurant and beauty industry. Next, set up your account.

Basic Facebook Business Account Settings

To make your Facebook business page cost less effort, you must be quick and careful. Specify a unique username, no more than 50 characters, written in Latin using dots and numbers. This will be the URL of your page. Add information about the business account – general, about the company, contacts, links to pages on other social networks, a brief description, and a brand history.

Business Facebook page setup requires a call to action button. Also, you need to ban users from posting and switch the obscenity filter. Focus on those page sections that are relevant to you. Allow users to add reviews, set up a store, etc.

Practical Tools For Your Facebook Page Promotion

To start a Facebook page for a business, you can use such tools as Facebook Messenger and chatbots, live broadcasts, Creator Studio, which creates publications and stories, and official advertising in Facebook Ads Manager. The cost Facebook business page needs are minimal. Even if you spend money on Facebook Ads, there’s still no charge for the organic aspects of your business account.

Stages Of Promoting A Facebook Business Account

After completing all the settings, add the first five posts, then share with your friends and offer to like your page. A cost of a Facebook business page will grow if you have accounts on other social networks. Place a link to your Facebook business account with an offer to subscribe. Alternatively, you can make an e-mail newsletter. Maintain a Facebook page regularly, interact with the audience, respond to comments and feedback, etc.

Instagram Page For Business Creation And Setting

Once you know a business page Facebook cost and setting, you can create a business page on Instagram. To do this, you can change it to Professional in the settings of your regular profile on this social network. Next, you need to select a category, provide contact information, and link your Instagram page with your Facebook business page. Then you can start setting up.

Basic Instagram Business Account Settings

At this stage of setting up a business page on Instagram, add the main profile photo, for example, your brand’s logo in the size of 110×110 pixels.

Create a link button on the page. This will allow your subscribers to call you or write a letter to the specified email address.

Practical Tools For Your Instagram Page Promotion

You can use publications, Stories, advertising in opinion leaders, and official advertising of the platform to promote the page. You can create Instagram business page but advertise it through Facebook Ads Manager. 

Stages Of Promoting An Instagram Business Account

To effectively promote a page, it is essential to customize the visual part, brand your profile, demonstrate the benefits of your products, and offer discounts and bonuses to your customers.

Who Needs The Promotion Of Instagram And Facebook And Why?

Maintaining a business page on Instagram and Facebook and their effective promotion is relevant for all business owners who want to interact with their audience, talk more about product benefits, report new products, etc. Thanks to advertising on social networks, coverage and sales will grow, increasing your income.