Video Advertising


Another type of Google Ads services that we provide to our clients video advertising services. It differs significantly from other types of Google advertising, primarily in terms of dynamism. Also, video advertising for business is one of the most effective formats, because according to statistics, about 80% of people would rather watch a short video about a product than read an article about it.

Below we will consider what video advertising formats are on the Internet and what results can be achieved with its help.

YouTube video ads

According to YouTube statistics, video hosting users spend on average about 1 hour a day watching videos. A promotional video grabs attention and requires no effort to get to know the content, unlike search or banner ads. Therefore, YouTube video ads are popular among advertisers.

YouTube video ads

Video ad formats

To deliver an advertising message to the audience, marketing video companies have 5 YouTube video ad formats available. We will dwell on their features in more detail.

In–Stream: what kind of ads are these

In its turn, this format is subdivided into two more types: with the possibility of skipping and without such. In fact, both types of marketing video services offer contextual video ads that are embedded in the videos of other users and can be shown at any time while browsing on YouTube or other Google partner sites. In–stream ads with the ability to skip are characterized by video playback being interrupted after 5 seconds of the show. In this case, the advertiser pays for viewing ads only if the user has viewed more than 30 seconds of it or clicked on the link, went to the site or to the YouTube channel. This YouTube video ad format allows you to:

  • increase coverage and brand awareness;
  • increase sales and website traffic;
  • expand the target audience.

Digital video production companies also offer in–stream ads that cannot be skipped. They are no longer than 15 seconds, are also embedded in the finished video and shown to the user while watching. But it’s impossible to scroll through them. 

In feed video ads 

Previously, this format was called “Video Discovery Ads”. Such advertisements appear on YouTube in lists of videos similar to those that the user has previously watched. Video making company can also place them on the main page of the mobile version of the video hosting and in the search results. The user sees the video icon and text, playback starts by clicking on the viewing page. The advertiser pays only for clicks on the video icon.

Out–Stream advertising

This format helps to reach the maximum number of users watching videos using smartphones and tablets. Such ads are set up by video advertising companies to play on YouTube without sound by default, the user can turn on the sound if the video is of interest to him.


Marketing video companies also offer Masthead ads. They are of greatest use in cases when you need to advertise new products or services, as well as during promotions and sales, in order to reach a maximum wide audience in a short time. The format is similar to the previous one, also played without sound. But visually it looks like a banner and is placed on the main page. It is one of the most expensive video advertising formats on the Internet, so it is advisable to order it for large brands. This ad format is reserved only with the help of a Google sales representative and is most often developed by professional agency video production.

Splash Ads

This format of video marketing service is a screensaver that appears while watching a video on YouTube, as well as in applications and on sites of Google video services partners. The ad lasts up to 6 seconds and is unskippable. It is displayed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video. Using splash screens, you can increase brand awareness and coverage. You should choose this format of video advertising service when you need to show concise and memorable ads.

Benefits of using video marketing services for business

If you need video advertising for an online store, you can order it from our video ad agency on a turnkey basis, receiving the following advantages:

  • increasing coverage;
  • audience involvement;
  • visual demonstration of your advantages to potential clients.

Our specialists have set up and launched hundreds of videos that help our clients to break into the top and increase sales. The price of video advertising is calculated individually, taking into account the format, timing of the display, etc. All conditions are fixed in the contract. To start cooperation with us, just fill out the brief or call. We will advise you and suggest which advertising option suits you best.