Search advertising


If your business needs to attract a “warm” audience, which is highly likely to be ready to buy your product or order a service, Google search advertising will be of great help. It is one of the powerful advertising tools on the Internet, the peculiar feature of which is that your ad will be shown to potential customers.

How search advertising works

When a user enters a query to search for a particular product, he will see an ad matching his query on the search results page. For example, if you sell products for gardening, your advertisement in search engine marketing Google Ads will be shown to users who are looking for this kind of product. Ads from advertisers in the search engine are usually placed on the basis of an auction.

Search Network Ad Types

In general, pay for click advertising on the Internet is divided into three main types, depending on the ad:

  • with text ads (the most complete);
  • with dynamic ads;
  • with the phone number.

Let’s have a closer look at them from the point of Google Ads search engine marketing to see how they differ.

Search advertising

Search network advertising with access to all features

This variety is the most popular option. When compiling an ad, you need to fill in all the proposed fields as completely and accurately as possible. When setting up search ads, you can select the target type Adaptive search ad – enter several options for titles up to 30 characters long and several descriptions of 90 characters each. In this way, Google will automatically generate different combinations, and you can track their performance in order to choose the most effective ones. At the same time, visually, the text of the ad in the local search advertising results will look standard for a campaign with text ads.

Advertising using dynamic search ads

Dynamic advertisements visually look the same as the previous type. The main difference is that the ad text is automatically generated by Google. The information from the site is taken as the basis, which corresponds to the user’s request. In this case, the header does not necessarily have to contain the query. Even if it is present in the text on the site, Google will consider it relevant. When compiling an ad, you need to fill in the Description 1 and Description 2 fields. The rest will be generated automatically. The main secret of promotion success with this type of advertising lies in the most complete filling of the website with relevant content. In this case, you will be confident that while you pay Google for advertising, you invest in the development of your business. 

Advert with phone number

The peculiarity of this ad type, which differs it from other types, is that it is available for viewing only from smartphones and other mobile devices. By clicking “Call” or on the title of the ad, the user immediately calls the number indicated in the ad, and does not go to the website. When creating an ad, include a phone number, the company name, a list of services and their benefits, a link to the website with a phone number so that Google can confirm the information. Such Google Ads pay per click is most relevant for companies providing taxi services, electricians or plumbers, food delivery services, etc.

Benefits of advertising on the search network

If you order a pay per click advertising Google setup from us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • showing your ads to the most interested audience, which increases the likelihood of going to the website and taking the necessary actions – buying a product, ordering a service;
  • the optimal cost of search advertising and high efficiency, which can be easily tracked;
  • a quick result that can be observed already within the first days after the start of the advertising campaign.

We know how to make advertising work for you. Order a consultation and get answers to all your questions about promoting your business. Our experts will help you choose the service package that suits your request so that you can start scaling your business and achieving new results today.