Developing a Google Ads Advertising Strategy


Do you want to take your business to the next level, increase brand awareness, attract more customers? If your answer is yes, then Google Ads is what you need. This service will allow you to run ads to promote your business in the search engine, YouTube, as well as on partner sites. Due to a set of tools, you can create ads both manually and automatically, set up targeting, conduct audience analysis, etc. But for all this to lead you to the desired result, an advertising strategy is important.

Why do you need an advertising strategy?

Before going into more details, we need to give the answer to the basic question – what is an advertising strategy? An advertising strategy in marketing encompasses all the steps involved in preparing, creating and launching an ad. Starting to develop a plan, we analyze the product or service itself, the target audience, the market, the business of competitors, etc. This allows us to correctly develop and implement marketing and advertising strategies individually for each business, which, in its turn, leads to scaling the company and raising it to a new level, depending on the goal.

Goals of advertising campaigns

The development of a strategic advertising plan in Google Ads necessarily includes the definition of goals and setting specific tasks for them:

  • Increasing sales rates. By interacting with new customers and reminding those who have visited the website before, advertising allows you to increase the number of sales both online and offline, as well as by phone.
  • Attracting potential clients. A search for new customers is carried out and their interest in the promoted product is warmed up.
  • Increasing website traffic. The outcome advertising is aimed not only at product recognition, but also at attracting the maximum number of users to the website.
  • Drawing attention to goods and services. To interest the client, you need to tell him all about the benefits of your products.
  • Increase brand awareness and coverage. A search and attraction of a new audience is carried out, the emphasis is placed on expanding the circle of people who are familiar with the products. It is also necessary to inform people about new products, bonuses and promotions of the company, to cover new markets.
  • Promoting applications. The main objectives are to increase the number of downloads and installations of the application, to achieve interaction and pre-registration in the application.

Depending on the expected result, you can select one or several goals at once to develop your advertising plan around them.

Developing a Google Ads Advertising Strategy 

Stages of developing an advertising strategy

Strategic advertising planning is based on the following preliminary work:

  • conducting a client survey, determining the main objectives and goals of advertising, and outlining the result that the client expects to reach;
  • analyzing the market and the target audience;
  • determining the channels through which the audience will be influenced;
  • outlining specific steps for the implementation of the advertising campaign;
  • distributing the budget, and determining the order and duration of each stage;
  • predicting the expected effect.

With a thorough and quality advertising strategy planning, we achieve maximum effectiveness of the advertising message.

Types of advertising campaigns

In Google Ads, the following types of advertising strategies are available: search, shopping, video advertising, contextual advertising, application advertising, maximum efficiency, smart, local, Discovery. The type of campaign is selected depending on the goals.If you want to effectively advertise your business, please contact us. A team of professionals with 12 years of experience will develop an individual advertising planning strategy depending on your goals. Choose the package of services that suits you and start growing in business right now!