Application Promotion


Using a smartphone or tablet, it is very convenient to search for information, check the weather, read books, buy goods, read the news, play games, etc. To make all this more convenient, special software for mobile devices is constantly created. If you are the owner of one or several of them at once, then you are probably wondering how to make sure that your development is downloaded, installed and used for paid functions, chosen from hundreds of similar offers. The answer is simple – order a mobile app advertisement in Google Ads.

What is the peculiarity of this kind of advertising?

An advertising campaign is launched on Search, Google Play, YouTube and other resources in order to promote Android app or advertise IOS app. The peculiarity of this type of advertising is that it does not require you to create a separate ad to run it. It will be generated automatically based on the snippets of text, videos, images that you provide on your page in the store.

The advertising campaign will be automatically optimized for any placement format and platform, so that it can reach the largest possible target audience who may be interested in your offer. To do this, different combinations of text descriptions, images, videos that you provide will be used, ads that will show the highest performance will be selected, and then scaled to achieve the best of results.

Ad types

There are 3 types of IOS app promotion campaigns available depending on the goals:

  • Installation. By choosing this type, you can increase the number of downloads of the application on devices.
  • Interaction. The main goal is to encourage the user to use the features of the application.
  • Pre-registration. Only suitable for placing app ads on Google Play. Due to it, you will be able to attract Android device owners even before your product is available on Google Play.

When you decide to advertise Android app on Google and on partner sites, you should understand that such campaigns are aimed at attracting the target audience. This means that it can be placed on all Google resources, including the search page, YouTube, the Display Network, partner websites, etc.

Benefits of advertising with our mobile app advertising agency

According to statistics, more than half of applications in stores have never been downloaded and installed. Even more cease to be used a month after downloading. A well-organized promotion campaign, developed by a professional app advertising agency, will help you not to get into this statistics. With its help, you will be able to promote Android app, which implies increasing the number of downloads, installations and interactions, depending on the goals, as well as increasing user activity in the application.

To order the setup and launch of application advertising in Google Ads, fill out a simple form on the website or call for a detailed consultation on how to advertise a mobile app. We will help you find the most loyal and interested users and will make an individual calculation of the cost of mobile app advertising.